Bella Swan per twilight movie « The Twilight Saga Eclipse (2-5)

How did people do this—swallow all their fears and trust someone else so implicitly with every imperfection and fear they had—with less than the absolute commitment Edward had given me? If it weren’t Edward out there, if I didn’t know in every cell of my body that he loved me as much as I loved him, I’d never be able to get up off this floor.

But it was Edward out there, so I whispered the words “Don’t be a coward” under my breath and scrambled to my feet.

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styleswans asked ‘charming and hook or charming and emma

Sundance 2009

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'Maps To The Stars' TIFF'14 promo

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Augustus Waters was a cocky son of a bitch but we forgave him.

Killian Jones + Facade

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Ashley Greene for Nylon Magazine 2012


OUAT Season Three Appreciation Weekend

favorite character —> Killian Jones/Captain Hook

"I'd go to the end of the world for her. Or time."

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