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i do not ship the fandom's main ship: a lesson in agony

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get to know me: [2/10] favorite male characters

  • Killian Jones/Captain Hook 

"I never thought I’d be capable of letting go, of my first love. My Milah. To believe that I could find someone else. That is, until I met you"

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otp challenge: four quotes - [1/4] trust, 2x06


He hesitated — not in the normal way, the human way. Not the way a man might hesitate before he kissed a woman, to gauge her reaction, to see how he would be received. Perhaps he would hesitate to prolong the moment, that ideal moment of anticipation, sometimes better than the kiss itself. Edward hesitated to test himself, to see if this was safe, to make sure he was still in control of his need. And then his cold, marble lips pressed very softly against mine.

Twilight, Chapter 13

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Clouds of Sils Maria Trailer #2 (x)

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James Lafferty + Batman | requested by whycantforeverstarttoday

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